Friday, September 13, 2013

Feeling Burnt Out

Being in the midst of training for the Chicago Marathon, I am now in the constant state of flux. Between training, family, household chores and managing a running club,  I just feel so burned out most of the time. Lately when it comes time to hit the pavement or trails I been kind of sluggish in the ambition department. Funny thing though, on those days when I feel the worst mentally and physically, I've been turning out pretty good runs. Which makes me think, on those days you don't feel like getting out there, you could be missing one heck of a run.  In fact, thinking back, I have achieved a couple PR's while I was sick, or tired, or just not feeling mentally prepared.  I recall those PR races where I was standing at the starting line and thinking "I just want to make it to the finish, goals are out the window".  Those are the runs where it is like a perfect storm of emotions, like disappointment and anger, maybe fear of the first DNF come together and form an energy; guiding you through until the end. Those runs seem to re-invigorate my soul, and make me look forward to running again. To me this is what running is all about. Get out and go.

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